In November 2016 Adria Hines also known as Ms.Dria started a live streaming show on Universe Miami titled The Ms.Dria Show and has been pronounced as the #1 show on the network. On The Ms.Dria Show a wide range of guests stop by to share their talent and/or entrepreneurial skills. This Has brought major attention to Ms.Dria as well as the guests being interviewed. Sustaining over 40 million viewers doing The Ms.Dria Show has also given Ms.Dria many opportunities to go out and cover many events upon requests.

Starting May 2017 Ms.Dria opened doors to a new studio where viewers have the opportunity to be apart of the Ms.Dria Show. Live audiences are able to get up close and personal to the Ms.Dria Experience watching some of your favorite Artist & Entrepreneurs.

Last but not least Summer 2017 Ms.Dria will be going on tour to cities around the globe, bringing exposure to many other Artists & Entrepreneurs. If You or someone you know has a gift or business that deserves to be seen don’t hesitate to to let Ms.Dria spread the word.